EFHOH Workshop “ Toward Union of Equality” – for hard of hearing people

EFHOH Workshop “ Toward Union of Equality” – for hard of hearing people

On Saturday 20 April EFHOH held a workshop in combination with Annual General Meeting 2024 in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The workshop was organised as part of EHOHC Project  ( Empowering Hard of Hearing Citizens) and has been designed to present relevance of the European Strategy on Persons with Disabilities 2021- 2030 for hard of hearing people.

Over 35 delegates participated in the workshop, most of participants were delegates of EFHOH General Members, active in their organisations nationally.

EFHOH expresses gratitude to the European Commission for funding the workshop and AGM.

1.ESRPD 2021- 2030 and Disability Platform. Lidia Best, President of EFHOH, presented an overview of the Strategy , including of European Pilar of Social Rights, and how new project and   operational grant is relevant to objectives of the ESRPD at its’ flagships: Disability Platform, Employment Package, Disability Card, Accessible EU, Social Services Framework of Excellence. Disability Platform structures were presented and members encouraged to work with EFHOH on topics relevant to Disability WorkPlan.

  1. Hard of Hearing Leadership. Lidia Best, together with Paulina Lewandowska presented EFHOH efforts in developing hard of hearing leadership through collaboration with International Federation of Hard of Hearing Young People ( IFHOHYP) and their European members.
  2. EDF Youth Representation. Jonathan Elebjork Wahlstrom– EFHOH Representative to EDF Youth Committee, shared his experience as the EDF Youth Committee member and current priorities. He has requested the members support youth representation at EFHOH and relevant European events.
  3. Accessible EU and Accessible 112. EFHOH Advisor to ETSI, Matijaz Debevec introduced recent work of ETSI STF 674 Working Group on Total Conversation as part of inclusive 112 Emergency Number. Matijaz explained role of AccessibleEU in improving accessibility in EU and role of the national experts. Participants have been encouraged to follow up nationally with their national standardisation bodies and national experts of AccessibleEU.
  4. European Accessibility Act. Alf Lindberg, EFHOH Board Member, introduced EU legislative and standardisation efforts towards better inclusion of person with disabilities. Alf presented main points of EN Standard of Accessibility of Build Environment, Accessibility Act and EU Procurement Directive.
  5. Threats and opportunities with AI? The Workshop has been closed by the presentation from Kave Noori, EDF AI Officer, presenting both opportunities to improve inclusion of PwDs and potential exclusion when using AI. Kave introduced participants to the legislative efforts made by EU Parliament and the advocacy work of EDF in this area.

Participants engaged actively by asking questions and sharing their own experiences. As part of the workshop, gaps in awareness and knowledge were identified. Further follow up workshops are to be developed.

EFHOH would like to extend thanks to EU Commission for funding this workshop.