Posted Thursday January 04, 2024 by efhoh


Happy New Year 2024! We start the 2024 with good news for our members.

The European Federation of Hard of Hearing People (EFHOH) Board is pleased to announce the funding in form of operational grant from the European Union for the CERV Programme. The grant will allow EFHOH Board to set up a secretariat and increase resources dedicated to delivering our vision of a Europe where people with hearing loss can live without barriers and have opportunities to participate at all levels in society.

The grant seeks to address existing gaps in inclusion of hard of hearing and deafened Europeans by strengthening the capacity of EFHOH national member organisations of hard of hearing and deafened people to influence both national and European policy considering inclusive recovery and the needs of our members for accessible health, education and employment though leadership training, support and creating resources.

As part of the grant EFHOH will undertake a range of communication and engagement activities, in alignment with the European Strategy for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities 2021-2030 among hard of hearing organisations and their members to further promote the rights of persons with hearing loss in Europe.

EFHOH is looking forward to working with the European Commission on delivering CERV programme objectives.

About CERV Programme: The Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values (CERV) programme was launched in 2021 and will run for seven years until 2027. It was created along with the 2021-2027 Justice programme under the Justice, Rights and Values Fund.

CERV programme seeks to support and develop open, rights-based, democratic, equal and inclusive societies based on the rule of law. That includes a vibrant and empowered civil society, encouraging people’s democratic, civic and social participation and cultivating the rich diversity of European society, based on our common values, history and memory. For more information, check the dedicated website   CERV Programme

About EFHOH:  EFHOH works to promote awareness, understanding and collaborative practical actions that remove the barriers for hard of hearing people to reach their full potential with access to affordable, universal hearing care and rehabilitation, including hearing aids and cochlear implants. This is optimised by an accessible society with public services, hearing loops, subtitling, captioning and assistive devices.