Become a Sponsor

EFHOH has developed strong relationships with our corporate sponsors. Our success in meeting our goals has been made possible because of the generous financial contributions from our corporate sponsors. We invite you to be a part of our success.  

Your support will enable us to continue our advocacy and expand our mission. Sponsorship contributes significantly to the promotion, planningand operation of our organization. Above all, it allows us to act as an active participant in events that concern hard of hearing people across Europe. Moreover, by becoming our sponsor, your company will benefit from the various promotional opportunities at the events we attend or organize. 

As our sponsor, you will enjoy  

  • Increased awareness and exposure of your brand, 
  • Making a positive social impact on society, 
  • Promotion of new or upgraded products to our members and friends of the hard of hearing, 
  • Opportunities to promote your company at international meetings and events, 
  • Showing your support for people with hearing loss and generating positive word-of-mouth publicity, 
  • Receiving valuable information and feedback regarding your product or service from users, 
  • Logo of your company on our website,  
  • Advertisements in our newsletter, 
  • Presentation of your company in EFHOH materials, 
  • Social media presence on our social media channels (Twitter, Facebooketc.). 

Help us in our mission for a barrier-free Europe for all hard of hearing people. Sponsor us today! 

For additional requests or any questionsplease contact our treasurer Darja Pajk at