For many hard of hearing persons, the hearing aid represents an absolute fundamental need. Without a well-fitted hearing aid, most of us cannot work to earn a living. However, when comparing different countries, we know that in Europe there are large gaps in the standards of hearing aid professional services.

As a step towards a leveling of this service, the European standardization authority ANEC has adopted a standard titled Services offered by hearing aid professionals. The standard is also available in French and German.

EFHOH Survey- European Standard EN 15927:2010 Services offered by hearing aid professionals

We are working together with the European Disability Forum (EDF) expert groups where we review standards and directives that reflect the needs of hard of hearing people.

Since 2016, EFHOH has participated in the work of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). We are currently working on three different standards that are in development. Additionally, EFHOH provides consultations on how the needs of hard of hearing people should be reflected in standards.