COVID 19 and the Disability Movement | EDF Media Release

COVID 19 and the Disability Movement | EDF Media Release

COVID 19 and the disability movement

In light of the current pandemic, we wanted to share below a comprehensive update of our work and the work of our members in advocating for a disability inclusive response.

If you have any updates on how COVID 19 is affecting persons with disabilities in your country, or their organisations, or the work you are doing, please let us know. Send us all feedback to

  • Our advocacy
  • Activities from our members
  • Internal work
  • General Assembly

Our advocacy

The European Union and European countries are preparing and enacting Coronavirus response plan. EDF published a communication today calling on EU and national leaders to ensure:

  • public health communication is accessible
  • that there accessible, inclusive, hygienic health services and other facilities
  • there is an investment in the provision of services and support – European solidarity is needed to ensure strengthening of essential services
  • Involvement of persons with disabilities
  • marginalised and isolated people are not left without essential goods, support and human contact
  • there is support for networks and assistive devices
  • Income protection
  • that public health communication messages are respectful and non-discriminatory
  • persons with disabilities are counted

To read more and view the EDF Media release, please click here.